Do Peanuts Cause Acne?

From time to time, you may have heard one of the most popular rumor spread among us, especially the teenager, Do peanuts cause acne?” an acne can suddenly appear and cause people to feel desperate by their existence. If this case is already happened, chances are for many people to blame the foods they consume. One of the common foods to blame for causing acne is peanuts.

Up until now, the rumor between the present of acnes and the foods still remain unclear. According to several scientific studies, they stated that there are many foods which lead to the acnes existence. However, before blaming to the foods are the main roots for causing acne problems, it is best recommended for you to know first how can acnes grow.

Do Peanuts Cause Acne?

a. How can acnes grow?
Acnes on the face are basically formed because of the androgen hormone. This hormone is started to grow since teenager. The sensitivity of skin towards hormone along with the bacteria on the skin as well as the fatty acids in the oil glands can also lead to the production of acnes. Besides, other factors that can lead to the acnes production are such as upside and downside hormone level during menstrual period, touching the acnes up to using helmet which is too tight.

b. What foods can cause acnes?
According to an expert from Harvard school of public health, it is stated that another food factors that can lead to the growth of acnes are including cow milk consumption. Besides, there is also another reason behind the impact of acnes growth are including any foods contain high index of glycemic and/or chocolate. Foods with high index of glycemic will increase the level of insulin hormone. The high insulin hormone will increase the androgen hormone level. This androgen hormone level will then push the product of oil or sebum.

Thus, do peanuts cause acnes? In fact, many scientists still have different opinion for answering this question. Some scientists agree that peanuts cause acnes. It is because, when you fry the peanuts, it will automatically produce the saturated fats, the more oil you use to fry the more saturated fats substance you consume which further lead to produce some acnes. Meanwhile, other scientists, answering “do peanuts cause acnes?”, stated that it is recommended for you to eat baked peanuts instead in order to lower the chance of acnes coming.

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