Spironolactone Acne Weight Gain Rumor: Is It True or Was It Just A Myth?

Spironolactone Acne Weight Gain Rumor: Is It True or Was It Just A Myth? Beside the benefits that spironolactone that can cure many ills, many people also have strong perception towards spironolactone acne weight gain impact. Does this just a myth or fact?

a. What is actually spironolactone?
Spironolactone is a hard drug that is considered as antagonist aldosterone diuretic class. This medicine is commonly used as potassium sparing diuretic or usually called as potassium diuretic. Moreover, this medicine can also be used as medicine to cure hypertension, hyperaldoteronism (a condition which the level of aldosterone hormone is too high in the body), edema (body fluids accumulation) and hypokalemia. This medicine works by maintaining the level of potassium and avoiding the body to absorb too much sodium in the body. one of the most well-known brands of spironolactone pills available in many drug stores.

What is actually spironolactone

b. What are the spironolactone side effects?

One of the main side effects after consuming spironolactone is it consistently has antihypertensive things that trigger the decreasing blood pressure.

c. Does spironolactone acne weight gain rumor true?

Answering to the rumor about Spironolactone Acne Weight Gain, there is trusted sources that confirm this rumor yet there has no evidence been shown that spironolactone causes weight gain. In fact, according to many people experience, they admit that after consuming this medicine, they, on the other hand, tend to lose weight since it is a diuretic. Even though in some cases, they experience weight gain due to the increasing appetite or because of fatigue during the medication and that lower activity that occurs over a long period during on progress treatment.

It is important to note for the patient that it requires them to consume only the recommended dosage of spironolactone by the physician. It is because if you consume it too much, exceeding the recommended dosage, it might trigger metabolic issue and digestive that may lead to weight gain. Thus, the patient should decrease the consumption of potassium during the treatment because consuming too much potassium will cause you some health issues related to dangerous heart rhythm and weaken the muscle.

Last but not least, it is firmly stated that the rumor of spironolactone acne weight gain is not true, beside the reasons that has been mentioned about in answering the rumor, another major reason why someone could gain weight during the spironolactone treatment is related to the insulin resistance.

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