The Pain in The Butt: How to Get Rid of Butt Acne

While some people enjoy having to show their butts off when it is time for the summer, some people ask themselves this question: how to get rid of butt acne?

You might think that I am kidding around writing this article, but butt acne is a thing in this world. People call it as buttne, but I prefer my term for it: the arse-ne (which is a play of Arsene, that fictional French thief some kids identify as by the time this article was written). It is basically an acne on your bottom, and thanks to that phenomenon, some people cannot show off their bottoms for fear of getting laughed at.

Thankfully, butt acne is pretty common and you can cure it easily. If you want to rock those hot pants and those thongs but you have a butt acne, you can follow these tricks to cure those nasty arse-ne.

Rub it clean each time you bathe or after you have finished the potty business
There are many reasons why people have acne on that particular place, and a lack of personal hygiene down there can be a deciding factor. When you are bathing or when you are done with your ‘business’, you should always to get your butt as clean as possible to prevent arse-ne from ever growing. Try rubbing them with a body soap or something else.

But do not rub them too hard

While facial acne breakouts are often caused by raging hormones, said hormones will not create arse-ne. You will have a bigger chance of getting an arse-ne if you rub your butt too hard compared to when you eat lots of oily foods. Why is that?

The Pain in The Butt: How to Get Rid of Butt Acne

Because arse-ne is caused by a ‘corrupted’ hair follicle that will not grow out of your skin. This will make it hard for you because it will cause inflammation on said place, effectively making arse-ne exist.

Do not wear stuffs that are too tight

A runner female friend of mine often wear short tights when she goes running. While it might be a pleasant view for me (and for some other people, apparently), I often think how uncomfortable she must be when she wore them. Not only that it will not look comfortable, it will also cause arse-ne.

My female friend did not grow an arse-ne yet, but chances are it will show itself if she wears it for too long (not that I have seen her butt, of course). It will certainly not help you in how to get rid of butt acne.

Those three are the most important tips I can give you on how to get rid of butt acne, so do remember that tip if you ever think you contracted this particular thing.

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