About Is Network Mangement

A computer network is a collection of several computers that are connected to one another so that each can transmit data and information. Computer networks connected to each other by using a specific protocol, so it should always be checked and to be monitored to ensure that computer networks can be run properly. Activities undertaken by the monitoring and supervision of a computer network is called the network management.

Network Event Management has many purposes including the following :

Network Monitoring is a system that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or component failure, and notify the network administrator (via email, SMS or other alarm) in case of blackouts. It is part of network management (Network Management)

Network monitoring (monitoring network) monitor the network for problems caused by overload or crash the server, network connections and other devices.

For example, to determine the status of the webserver, periodic monitoring software can send an HTTP request to retrieve the page. For a mail server, a test message can be sent through SMTP and retrieved by IMAP or POP3.

Service website monitoring can check the type of page HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, DNS, SSH, TELNET, SSL, TCP, ICMP, SIP, UDP, Media Streaming and various other ports with different check interval ranging from every four hours for every one minute. Typically, the majority of the network monitoring services test your server anywhere between once per hour to once-per-minute.

About Is Network MangementMonitoring internet server means that the server owner always know if one or all of its services turun.Monitoring internal server, the web server software to check the status and notify the owner if some services down, and external, that some web server monitoring company to check the status of service with specific frequency.

Monitoring server system can include a check metrics, such as CPU usage, memory usage, network performance and disk space. It can also include monitoring applications, such as checking process program such as Apache, MySQL, Nginx, Postgres and others.

External monitoring more reliable, as it continues to work when the server is really down. Good server monitoring tool also has a performance benchmarking, signal capabilities and the ability to connect a certain extent by the job server automatically as the provision of more memory or perform backups

A computer network must always be supervised for 24 hours in order to ensure that the computer network services are not experiencing problems. It is based as if the computer network to experience problems then information transmission process will not be able to do so would interfere with business activities in places where computer networks are implemented

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