Tips of Best Make Up for Covering Acne

Best make up for covering acne tips are needed by women who got that kind of skin problem. Acnes mostly make women lose their confidences especially when they need to look beautiful and perfect in specific occasion. Covering acne with make up may be the rightest way to do if something like that happens. Here are the tips of using make up for covering acnes.

Use Corrector
Corrector is available in some colors. If your acnes are inflamed and it is red, use green color to your acnes. The green color will conceal and balance the red color of your acnes. If your acnes are brown, use corrector with pink color. The pink color of the corrector are also good to conceal your acne scars.

Apply Base Make Up

Base make up such as primer is great to make your wrinkles fade, make your skin texture smooth, and also make your make up long last. You are able to directly apply primer to your face or combine it with foundation and apply it with wet sponge or wet make up blender. This is the basic step to cover your acnes by using make up.

Tips of Best Make Up for Covering Acne

Apply Foundation

Apply foundation instead of BB cream. It is because the coverage of foundation is better than BB cream, since BB cream is used for natural look. Choose foundation which is oil free and non comedogenic. This kind of foundation is really good at covering your acnes and your acne scars without blocking your pores which is able to make your acnes inflamed.

Use Concealer

Apply concealer in the area where your acnes or your acne scars are. Choose concealer which is in the same with your skin tone or one to darker from your skin tone. Tap your concealer with brush or beauty blender until it blend in with your skin tone so that it looks natural.

Avoid Using Blush On and Bronzer

Blush on and bronzer have shimmering particles which are able to block your pores. So that those 2 make up are not good to use when you have acnes.

Use Powder
Apply powder thinly to the entire of your face until your neck. Powder has a lighter formula compared to compact powder or two way cake powder. So that it is suitable for oily and acne skin. Powder is also able to absorb natural oil in your skin face. That is why using powder is also the best make up for covering acne.

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