Tips to Choose Best Body Wash for Acne

Best body wash for acne are a lot out there. You are able to choose one which is suitable with the type of your skin. Acnes do not only pop up on the face. It can also pop up on other parts of body such as back, shoulders, chest, hands, until feet. If you have acnes, your skin becomes sensitive, so that you need to carefully choose skin care products. For you who got acnes, here are some tips to choose body wash.

Choose Body Wash with Mild Formula
Choose body wash with these kinds of ingredients, Sodium Olefin Sulfonate, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, or Sodium Lauryl Oat Amino Acids. Those 3 ingredients are able to clean oil and dirt on your face, but the formula is mild enough for your sensitive skin and acne skin. So that skin care products which contain those 3 ingredients will not make your face dry. To make it easy, just choose body wash which says gentle body wash.

Tips to Choose Best Body Wash for Acne
Body Wash

Choose Antibacterial Body Wash

Acne skin tends to irritate, it is because there are a lot of bacteria in acne skin. So that it will be better for you to choose anti bacteria body wash to prevent the development of bacteria in your pores. Some of anti bacteria ingredients are also able to absorb oil in your skin, such as tea tree, peppermint, jojoba, eucalyptus, lavender, and also chamomile. Skin care products which contain those kinds of ingredients are suitable for you who got oily skin.

Choose Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Tea tree oil is able to absorb natural oil in your skin. So that it is suitable for oily skin and acne skin since acne skin is caused by too much oil in skin. Tea tree oil is also able to calm your skin, so that it will reduce the inflammation and the redness of your acne. This essential oil can be a disinfectant so that it is also good to prevent the development of bacteria.

After choosing the body wash which are suitable for your acne skin, you need to concern about the way how you wash your body too. It will be better if you wash your body twice a day and do not wash it roughly. It will only make your acne skin worse. Those are the tips to treat your acne skin besides choosing the best body wash for acne.

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